How to assemble your Avian & Exotic Pet Supply Kits for Disaster Responders
These are the suggested contents of the kit: 
In the 20 Quart plastic tote we placed the seven sandwich size containers of bird and small mammal foods in stacks of three and four.  The snack sized containers of food, the baby food, and the smaller cans were then inserted along the side (see next photo) with the two larger cans and a few smaller ones on top.  This allowed the lid to latch.
If you bought the suggested 5 sizes of totes that we used (12, 20, 28, 59, to 90 quarts) place the 28 quart tote (long and shallow) inside the large 90 quart.  Then place the 59 quart (deep) inside of that, and finally the little 12 quart in that one.  The net will fit between the sides of the 59 and 90 quart, the timothy hay fits at one end, and all of the other items will go inside the 59 quart tote.  The lid for the 12 quart can go wherever it is convenient, and the lids for both the 28 and 59 go on top of the 59.  The big lid for the 90 quart will just barely snap into place and does tend to pop loose.  You may want to use a few bungies to wrap around the entire thing to keep it secure.
We used the towels to wrap around the thermometers and the ceramic heat bulb to prevent breakage.
This is one of our finished kits.  The roll of screen wire does not fit inside.