Suggested contents and assembly instructions to make your own Avian & Exotic Pet Supply Kit for Disaster Responders & Temporary Shelters:

If possible partner with 5 or more other rescue agencies, buy in bulk from a wholesale distributor that serves pet stores, and divide items among all groups to save money. Cost per kit is based on bulk purchases. Be sure to mark expiration dates on all perishable food items and check twice yearly.

This list is not intended to be a complete set of items necessary for sheltering exotic pets, and assumes that your team or shelter already has a variety of other items on hand, such as duct tape, bungie cords, a can opener, various sizes of plastic and wire dog and cat crates, newspaper, paper towels, tools, etc.

Suggested Items                                                Suggested                               Estimated                 Estimated
To Make 6 kits                                                    Place To Buy                           Cost Per Kit              Cost/6 Kits

Canary/Finch Seed 2#                                          Wholesale Distributor                 $1.25                        $7.50
Parakeet Seed 2#                                                Wholesale Distributor                 $1.00                        $6.00
Cockatiel Seed 5#                                                Wholesale Distributor                 $1.25                        $7.50
Small-Med Parrot Seed 5#                                    Wholesale Distributor                 $1.75                        $8.50
Large Parrot Seed 5#                                            Wholesale Distributor                 $1.75                        $8.50
Chicken/Poultry Crumbles 25#                               Feed Store                               $1.25                        $7.50

Chinchilla Pellets 2#                                            Wholesale Distributor                 $1.00                         $6.00
Small Rodent Food 4#                                         Wholesale Distributor                 $1.00                         $6.00
Guinea Pig Pellets 5#                                          Wholesale Distributor                 $1.25                         $7.50
Ferret Food 4#                                                    Wholesale Distributor                 $2.00                       $12.00
Rabbit Pellets 4#                                                 Wholesale Distributor                 $1.25                        $7.50
Timothy Hay small package x 6                            Wholesale Distributor                 $3.00                      $18.00

Carnivorous Reptile Food 6 oz can x 6                   Wholesale Distributor                $1.50                        $9.00
Omnivorous Reptile Food 6 oz can x 6                   Wholesale Distributor                $1.50                        $9.00
Herbivorous Reptile Food 6 oz can x 6                   Wholesale Distributor                $1.50                        $9.00Terrestrial Turtle Food 6 oz can x 6                        Wholesale Distributor                $1.50                        $9.00
Aquatic Turtle Pelleted Food 2 oz x 6                    Wholesale Distributor                 $1.25                        $7.50
Flaked Fish Food x 6                                            Wholesale Distributor                $2.00                      $12.00
Small Can Cooked Chicken x 6                             Grocery Store                           $2.00                      $12.00

Canned Mixed Fruit x 6                                          Grocery Store                         $1.00                         $6.00
Canned Mixed Vegetables x 6                                Grocery Store                          $1.00                        $6.00
Mixed Fruit Baby Food plastic cup x 6                    Grocery Store                          $0.75                        $4.50
Meat Baby Food plastic cup x 6                             Grocery Store                          $0.75                        $4.50

Clear Plastic Totes: suggest 5 sizes from 12, 20, 28, 59, to 90 Quarts, some should be shallow and some deep, and they should nest inside each other, leaving space for packing other items, total 30 totes
                                                                            Walmart                                $25.00                     $150.00
Heat/Brooder Lamp 150 Watt with ceramic, not plastic, base x 6
                                                                            Walmart                                $12.00                       $72.00
Plastic Food Storage Containers (Tupperware, Gladware, etc) x 7 Sandwich Size and 5-8 Snack Size Per Kit x total 72 to 96 containers                                                    Walmart                                 $8.00                        $48.00
Spray Bottles for Water x 6                                    Walmart                                 $3.00                        $18.00
Thermometers, Small Outdoor x 18                        Walmart                                 $3.00                        $18.00
Towels, three sizes from Wash Cloth to Large Bath Size for Animal Capture or Bedding x 18
                                                                            Walmart                                $8.00                        $48.00
Zip Ties to secure cages (Pack 1000)                     Walmart                                 $2.00                        $12.00
Roll Aluminum Screen Wire x 6                               Home Improvement Store       $7.00                        $42.00
Heat Bulbs 150W Black (Pecute Reptile Heat Lamp 150W Infrared Ceramic Heater Bulb Black) x 6
                                                                            Amazon                                $7.50                        $45.00
Capture Nets (Backyard Safari Scoop Net) x 6         Amazon                                $9.00                        $54.00        
Small Locking Crock Dishes (Lixit Corporation BLX0768 Lixit Crock for Feeding Pets, 10-Ounce) x 12  
                                                                            Amazon                               $14.00                        $84.00
Large Locking Crock Dishes (Lixit Corporation BLX0758 Lixit Crock for Feeding Pets, 20-Ounce) x 12  
                                                                            Amazon                               $16.00                        $96.00
No-Spill Dishes (Stellar Bowls Regular Anti Skid Bowl Cat Dish with Silver Stripe, 8 oz) x 24
                                                                            Amazon                                $6.00                        $36.00
Water Bottles several between 4 to 16 ounces (Lixit Best Buy Water Bottle) x 24
                                                                            Wholesale or Amazon           $14.00                        $84.00
Quick Links to secure cages (Quick Links 1/8" (Pkg of 20)) or (Metal Quick Link Chain, 2 3/8") x 6 to 10 suggested per kit                                                                        Amazon                                $6.00                        $36.00
Optional: Notebooks, Sheet Protectors, and Tabbed Page Dividers for instruction sheets

Total estimated cost per kit when purchased as suggested above: $165 to $200

Assembly instructions:

1. Fill plastic food storage containers with each type of bulk food, label with a sticker or magic marker, and write the expiration date on a removable sticker. Sandwich sized: Cockatiel Seed, Small-Medium Parrot Seed, Large Parrot Seed, Rabbit Pellets, Ferret Food, Guinea Pig Pellets, and Small Rodent Food. Snack sized: Canary/Finch Seed, Parakeet Seed, and Chinchilla Pellets. Use a larger sealed plastic container to hold 3 to 5 pounds of poultry crumbles.  

2. Place the seven sandwich sized containers in stacks of three and four in the 20 quart plastic tote, then slide the snack sized containers and all of the cans of fruits, vegetables, reptile foods into spaces where they will fit. (See photos on website of how we packed it.) All food items except the timothy hay and the poultry feed should fit inside this tote. All foods should be stored at room temperature or refrigerated, or all foods except cans may be frozen until needed.

3. Place the empty totes inside each other, and pack all other supplies into available spaces. The tote with the food items may not fit inside because the heat lamp takes up too much space. Wrap fragile items like thermometers and the heat bulb inside the towels.  

4. Place several unused snack sized food storage containers into your kit so that if a can of food is opened, the unused portion can be sealed and kept fresh in a refrigerator or cooler.

See photos of how to pack the items in your kit.

See Instruction Sheet for the best way to use each of these items for pets.

Questions? Contact Dr. Julie Burge at or 816-356-4700 or see