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What other birds do we have?  Sometimes we are too busy to update this site, 
so give us a call at 816-356-4700. 

If we don't have the bird you are looking for, be sure to check with Beak N Wings bird club at www.BeakNWings.org to see what birds they have available.

Homeless Macaws...

Max is one of three macaws recently taken in from a sanctuary that closed. We have virtually no information on Max, but he really acts like he wants a friend. Max has some special needs, but nothing extreme. We hope he can find a forever home with someone who will love him. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $400
Looking for a permanent posting...

This is Skeeter, a female Military Macaw. We don't have any history on her, but she is very sweet. Though she has plucked, she does not seem to be actively plucking.

Adoption fee for this bird is $400

Skeeter is sponsored by Susan Furst Ahrent
An Amazon in need of a home...

Jojo is a Hondurensis Amazon, we don't know age or sex. We do know that Jojo needs a home and a lot of love.

Adoption fee for this bird is $250
Moving on...

Rocky the African Grey is about 10 years old, and may be a male. His young owner went away to college and could not take Rocky along.   He is plucked, but does not seem to be actively plucking. Initial tests indicate that Rocky is healthy. He has shown interest in being nice with a lot of patience. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $400
So Sad...

It's hard to imagine, but Paloma was found stuffed in a trash can at a department store. He is a young male white Ringneck Dove. He is safe now, and has a friend, BeBe, a 2 year old female white Ringneck Dove. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $10 per bird
Starting a new life...hopefully

Micky and Maude are retired breeders. They are Mexican Red Head Amazons, male and female, in their teens. They may be tame if handled. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $300 for the pair
Seeing life from a different viewpoint....

Piper is a sweet, 10 year old female Quaker. She has to be on medication for some health issues and her previous owner just didn't feel able to manage that. Piper is very cuddly when out of her cage, but she does have a permanent head tilt. It doesn't slow her down at all! 

Adoption fee for this bird is $75
Birds Available for Adoption

Last Updated October 17, 2018


Email BurgeBirdServices@yahoo.com for an adoption application, or call us at 816-356-4700 for an appointment to see our birds.
Meet the Walters...

Walter 2818 was a wild pigeon with a broken wing that didn't heal properly, so he can never be turned loose. He or she would be a good companion to another pigeon that is lonely. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $5.
Walter 1418 is a domestic pigeon that couldn't find his/her way home, and was not reclaimed by the original owner. This is a beautiful freckle faced bird who needs a safe place to live, preferably with pigeon friends.

Adoption fee for this bird is $10
Walter 92818 was found in the wild as a baby and was hand fed. He or she is very bonded to people, and begs for attention every time you walk into the room. This sweet baby likes to perch on top of your head, or be held and snuggled, and will quickly become your best friend.

Adoption fee for this bird is $5