LAST UPDATE October 19, 2017


You must pass a screening interview (by appointment only) and visit twice to adopt a bird.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone if we think you aren't the right person for the bird.  Adoption fees do not include the cage.  Some cages available for sale.  For an adoption appliction please email
Burge Bird Rescue
13833 S 71 Hwy
Grandview MO 64030
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What other birds do we have?  Sometimes we are too busy to update this site, 
so give us a call at 816-356-4700. 

If we don't have the bird you are looking for, be sure to check with Beak N Wings bird club at to see what birds they have available.

Have Mercy!

Mercy was found as a nestling who came down in a storm. She was nursed back to health by a wildlife volunteer. This type of dove is normally found in the wild. Since she was found so young, she cannot and should not be released back into the wild. She now has a young friend, Madison, she would like to live with

Adoption fee for this bird is $20 per bird.
He's a Survivor!

This is Sam, a sweet blue and gold macaw, about 20 years old. He has been passed around a lot. He came to us with a large tumor on his leg that was misdiagnosed as a cyst. After surgery and recuperation, Sam is doing good and ready to go. There is a very slight chance he might medical issues in the future, so we want to adopt Sam locally so we can continue to care for him. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $500 
Jenday Twins...Sort of...

Kirby and Missy are a sweet pair of Jenday Conures. Missy will need periodic beak trims her whole life due to a beak injury when she was a baby. Kirby is one year old and Missy is about 6 months old. We don't know if they are male or female, but they are nice and will stay tame if worked with daily. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $100 per bird
Whole lotta squawking going on....

Rodan is a female Yellow nape amazon born in 1992. Although she was wild caught she was a tame pet bird for many years, but has not been handled much recently. She has some vocabulary and is very chatty.

Adoption fee for this bird is $300 
Special bird with special needs

Greta is a wild caught Blue front amazon, born in 1990. Greta has been a pet bird, but was never tame, so interaction with this bird will not be very hands on. Greta has some leg problems also, so he will need some special perches to sit on. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $250
 Doves, so sweet...

Dovee is a ringneck dove, age and sex not known. She came in with a terrible infection the owners didn't want to treat, but she is all better now and hopes to find a home.

Adoption fee for this bird is $10