Budgies (Parakeets) Available for Adoption $5 each
(except where noted)

LAST UPDATED April 20, 2017


 Email BurgeBirdServices@yahoo.com for an adoption application or call 816-356-4700 for an appointment to see our birds.

On 6-26-14 Fertile Myrtle, her husband Roy (right), and their 27 children (yes, twenty-seven) were dropped off at our rescue.  Some of the babies were only two weeks old and had to be handfed.   Only Roy is left and he has a new wife,
Amanda, they are happily enjoying retirement with no kids or grandkids to
take care of.  Roy's children all found good homes.  

Sponsored by Donna Hill

High Flyer

Amanda is a member of the world explorer club. She was found on the plaza when she landed on someone's head. We don't know her age or any other history.  Sponsored by Donna Hill

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More sad stories...

Peanut, a 5 year old blue female budgie, came to us when her owner got married and the new wife's cat took over. Stormie, a 5 year old blue female budgie came to us after her mate died and her owner decided she didn't want birds anymore. They became fast friends here and we hope they can go home together. Seen in the picture is Stormie. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $ 10 pair
Busy, Busy, Busy

Click, a blue and white male budgie and Howl, a green and yellow female budgie were both born in 2016. They are somewhat tame, and should be great pets if someone works with them. They came to us because their owner just got too busy with other things. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $15 per bird
Bunches of Budgies

This group of budgies came to us when the owner had to downsize her living arrangements. We would like for some to stay in pairs, but a couple might be adopted singly. Lucky, green male, born 2014. Sunny, blue male, born 2014. Honey, Moon and Sweetie, green and yellow females born in 2014, Star blue and white female born 2015. Angel, white, born 2015, sex unknown. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $5 per bird